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Mondial 'In The Pink'

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Tight security, a royal palace and some of the rarest pink diamonds in the world. Claire Adler reports on the 2012 Argyle Pink Diamond Tender

A rare pink diamond is the ultimate limited edition. The most sought-after pink diamonds in the world fetch prices of up to 50 times higher than white diamonds. Each one might be the size of a pea – the largest ones rarely exceed two carats – but they regularly top $1million a carat. These tiny objects of beauty – and of nature – have a history of defying the recession. In 2010, diamond mogul Laurence Graff bought a pink diamond at Sotheby’s for a staggering $45.6million, breaking all previous records for a gem sold at auction.

Read about Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier in the Winter 2012/13 edition of INLondon magazine.

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