Lifetime Achievement Award

For over fifty years, Fred Neuman, Founder of Mondial, has played a significant role in shaping the Australian jewellery industry as it is today.

On Monday evening 1st September, Fred’s tremendous contribution to the industry was celebrated as he was presented with the first ever Jewellery Association of Australia (JAA) Lifetime Achievement Award!

The JAA Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honour that the JAA bestows on one of its members of whom ‘has promoted industry excellence over a substantial period of time’.

The JAA specified that nominated members must have exhibited “outstanding leadership or sustained contributions to the industry, (and) possess exceptional personal integrity and highest standards”.

JAA President, Selwyn Brandt said “The Lifetime Achievement Award recognises a true champion within our industry.”

“Essentially what we’re trying to do is acknowledge people who have contributed significantly to the industry — those who have given their time and made a difference,” he explained. “This is in recognition of their achievement, not just in their own right as business people but also in terms of their contribution to the jewellery industry as a whole,” said Brandt.

“As a family we’re so proud of Fred. It’s fantastic that he has been recognised in this way because he truly deserves it and is a very humble man who would never ask for anything like this.” — says Michael Neuman

From what started as a romantic gesture to his wife Maria, Fred Neuman’s journey is inspirational and his influence expands worldwide.

Industry peers have greatly benefitted from his knowledge, generosity of spirit and willingness to share his experience and wisdom with others. Many of those people who have reached out to Fred Neuman for help or guidance, have gone on to achieve within our industry at all levels and some of them to be highly influential.

Fred Neuman came to Australia in 1959 as a Polish immigrant with a small amount of belongings and a big vision for what the future would hold. Today the Mondial brand is recognised internationally and Fred Neuman's luminous legacy will live on through the Neuman family for many decades to come.

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Fred Neuman, Lifetime Achievement Award