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Australia's largest selection of Argyle Pink & Natural Coloured Diamonds

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Australia's largest selection of Argyle Pink & Natural Coloured Diamonds

Stars hoping to ring a change

Jimmy Barnes, Dannii Minogue, Adam Hills and Delta Goodrem are among those supporting the Mondial Australian Marriage Equality ring on social media, while House Husbands star Julia Morris wore the jewellery to the recent Logie Awards, as did So You Think You Can Dance judge Paula Abdul.

Designed by Nadia Neuman, the rose, white and yellow gold and silver rings are priced between $300 and $1900, with 100 per cent of profits going to the Australian Marriage Equality organisation.

"Jewellery often holds a sentimental meaning and I would like those who buy an Australian Marriage Equality ring to be able to look at it in years to come and be reminded they contributed to marriage equality in Australia becoming a reality." Neuman said.

Others photographed wearing the ring include Jessica Hart, Shanina Shaik, Deni Hines and Emma Lung. To buy the ring, go to

Pink diamond sets new world record

Michael Neuman, the general manager of Sydney-based Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier, says the 59.60-carat pink diamond that recently sold for a record $89 million in Geneva reinforces the exclusivity of coloured diamonds.

"They are an incredibly rare natural product and unlike a house, for example, cannot be recreated," he says.

Coloured diamonds have until recent decades been almost exclusively held by royalty and collectors. They were among the few luxury items to continue appreciating in value during the 2008 global financial crisis.

Diamonds with red (pink), green or blue hues can command up to 100 times the price of non-coloured stones of similar size and quality, Neuman says, while more common yellow diamonds may be 10-20 times the price.

Their desirability is further enhanced by a trend for wealthy celebrities to purchase them for wedding rings.

Despite the massive premium over regular stones, Neuman says coloured diamonds are not out of the reach of ordinary Australians.

"You'll be looking at a much, much smaller stone for the same price, but we have coloured diamonds from $1500 all the way up to $1 million," he says.

One such diamond currently offered for sale by Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier is the "Charisse", which is a 0.89 carat "Vivid Purple Pink" stone set into a ring that retails for "close to $1 million".

As well as gaining in popular appear, coloured diamonds are also being sought out as a recession-proof investment. "People consider them a very safe repository of money," Neuman says.

Mondial interviewed by ABC News

Recently Rio Tinto released a select number of coloured diamonds from its Argyle Diamond Mine - among them pink and blue diamonds and three extremely rare red stones. Michael Neuman, General Manager with Mondial Pink Diamond Atelier speaks with Whitney Fitzsimmons.

Nadia reigns on the 2012 Academy Awards Red Carpet

Australian jewellery designer Nadia Neuman has been awarded one of the most prestigious international jewellery awards with her design ‘Tyger Tyger’ to be launched at a suite as part of the 2012 Academy Awards in February.

Neuman won the Master Jewellery award in the Sustainability category as part of Rio Tinto’s Global Design Competition. The competition had a record number of entries from the US, Canada, Australia, India, China and Hong Kong across four categories of jewellery design and was judged by an elite panel from the fashion and jewellery industries. Her piece along with the other winning entrants will be part of Stylelab, a Red Carpet Celebrity Suite hosted by US jewellery expert Michael O’Connor and attended by some of the biggest names in Hollywood plus their stylists in the lead up to the Oscars on Sunday 26 February.

Neuman’s piece is a hand fan that melds together functionality and luxury all from a sustainable perspective. The fan features 18ct yellow gold panels of tiger print, surrounded by white diamonds set in 18ct white gold frames displaying black, iridescent feathers with diamonds set along each quill. In addition to using 100% sustainable materials in the design, the Tiger motif represents nature as an endangered creature and reminds its user of the need to care for the earth. The fan can also be worn as a necklace.

Neuman said, “It is a great honour to be recognised in this competition among so many other well known international jewellery designers. And to be given this special introduction to some of the worlds’ most glamorous celebrities is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an Australian designer!” Nadia is no stranger to the limelight having been recognised with a host of Australian design awards already including the Harper’s BAZAAR Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards and the Australian Jewellery Awards held by the Jewellers Association of Australia.

The sustainability jewellery movement is fast growing in popularity as consumers become more aware of the power of their purchase. According to a recent trend report titled Green Marketing and the Luxury Consumer *, the consumers with the big bucks, particularly women, are increasingly looking to a company’s environmental practice before a purchase.

Neuman says, “Since the movie Blood Diamond we have seen a steady increase in clients wanting ethically sourced materials and of course, to ensure that the diamonds are conflict free. The typical ‘green’ jewellery consumer is no longer a fashion-challenged hippie but more likely an affluent professional woman who wants to make her purchase count.”

Mondial is a family run business with over 100 years of collective experience. Founded by Nadia’s parents Fred and Maria Neuman in the 70’s, Mondial are recognised worldwide as pink and coloured diamond specialists selling some of the world’s most rare and luxury pieces from their Strand Arcade and Queen Victoria Building boutiques.

For further information, images or to arrange an interview with Nadia please contact:

Tess Glasson
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Ph: 02 9386 9975
Mob: 0 416 071 092

* Green Marketing and the Luxury good sectors – report undertaken by US research company Unity
marketing in 2009

Alison Page – Unique Jewellery

When Aboriginal designer Alison Page joined forces with Sydney jeweller Michael Neuman in 2006, a one-of-a-kind collection was born.

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